Vicar Group is a leader in manufacturing the highest quality Power and Distribution and Special Application of Electric and Electronic Goods. We use the latest designs, materials, and technologies to manufacture high-quality, low-loss, energy-efficient products while achieving the lowest cost possible for customers. With qualified technicians and engineers, we ensure that our customers’ experience is delightful as we immerse ourselves completely in customers’ projects, achieving product quality as per customer specifications, timely deliveries, and support for installation, commissioning, and services. The phenomenal growth of our company is due to its ability to meet customers’ requirement specifications, “on-time delivery,” and “optimum quality,” resulting in the lowest cost, high-quality products. Our guiding philosophy upholds “Sustainability” as supreme, whereby social demands, care for the environment, and the financial aspects of manufacturing help us produce the best quality and durable products.

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Our Address

Suvastu Suraiya Trade Center, (Level-8), House-57, Road-21, Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Block-b, Banani C/A, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh