Enroute Center For Development (ECDL) is the pioneer organization in providing executive learning and skill set development in Bangladesh. It facilitates all kinds of professional development solutions for individuals & teams. ECDL aims to advance the development of an employee by ensuring all kinds of facilities including customized training and material development to ensure a pathway of professional development in the workplace. It continues to play a leading role in building future fitment through the capacity building of employees at all levels of employment.

It has a strong team of training and development industry experts who guide the development process from start to finish. In collaboration with subject matter expert consultants, ECDL organizes all training and development for partner organizations. It has the full range of human resources, sourcing, and consulting capabilities to develop an effective training delivery to any range of trainees. It also has the perfect learning and development ecosystem to ensure a constructive delivery. ECDL has its own Learning Management System (LMS) to ensure blended and self-paced learning.

To meet the client’s requirements, ECDL has a range of bespoke training solutions. Currently, the services are:

???? Customized Program
???? Open Program
???? E-Learning Program
???? Educational Materials
???? Leadership & Executive Coaching
???? Skills Training
???? Workplace Wellbeing

Customized Program: For customized programs ECDL analyzes, designs, develops, and implements training and development solutions that are unique to its client’s business needs. ECDL also develops customized training & development materials for the client’s internal use. The content includes training presentations, cases, simulations, audio-visuals, induction, and many more.

Open Program: In the open program, ECDL develops industry and function-wise training programs as per market demand and sells through its B2C platform. On this platform trainees from different levels can train on flexible schedules specifically designed for working employees. With this program, they can enhance their skill and develop their professional attributes.

E-Learning Program: ECDL is committed to creating a future-ready workforce. With its initiative in developing its own learning management system and self-paced learning platform Sudoksho the initiative became a reality. With the exclusively designed platform professionals can learn and develop in their own time.

Educational Materials: Keeping the future of education and learning in mind, ECDL also has a specifically designed service of educational materials. For customized and impactful learning, ECDL is capable of developing educational materials that include gamifying content and simulations for the future learner’s best interest.

Leadership & Executive Coaching: ECDL provides Leadership & Executive coaching for future leaders to enable them to make sense in the face of uncertainty and can ensure a holding environment for the team to adapt, innovate and perform.

Skills Training: Skill training is a career-orientated method of teaching workplace skills. It is aimed at providing personalized, hands-on training. ECDL has the state of the art skill training facilities for developing soft and technical skills for the workplace targeted at enhancing the capacity of an employee or individual.

Workplace Wellbeing ECDL is the pioneer of workplace wellbeing programs in Bangladesh. It is a futuristic approach to ensure a better workplace culture for the times ahead. Workplace wellbeing relates to how workers feel about themselves and their work. At its heart, workplace wellbeing aims to ensure workers are safe, healthy, and motivated to work.